Why settle for anything less? Don't.

Yodeck is a digital signage solution based on raspberry pi, making the final result on your monitors look great while keeping the cost low.

Great features at a great price

We designed Yodeck to be the top digital signage solution in the global market in terms of value-for-money. And we did it.

Easy to use but still powerful

Yodeck monitors are managed through the web. It is super-easy to deploy and use. But "easy" should not mean "crippled".

Software that is rock-solid

Tired of glitches and problems? The Yodeck platform is rock-solid. No more downtimes, no more black screens, no more worrying about Internet access. Yodeck monitor can withstand a whole month of Internet outage.

Simple. Complete. All You Need.

SOLO is a turn-key solution for small and medium businesses which integrates telephony, fax, email, collaboration and network services.

Complete communication coverage

ip telephony, fax server, mail server, colaboration tools

Single harware

No need for multiple hardware. A single server pc fulfills all the needs.

Easy Management

Easy management from the platforms web interface.